Of course.
Made In Japan

It is skillful Japanese craftsmen to shape important feelings.
Even with full use of new technology,
It is skilled skill to say the last thing.

3Days3D Print ~ Creating prototype ~

Using a stereolithography 3D printer that performs high-resolution modeling,
We will create prototypes of accessories.
A 3D model of the accessory designed from the blown voice
The 3D printer will shape accurately and faithfully.

3D Print ~ Creating prototype ~

10DaysCast ~ Casting ~

Make a mold for casting metal from the completed prototype,
Pour the molten metal into the mold and solidify it.
It is adopted conventionally called a lost wax method
It will be jewelry production process.

Cast ~ Casting ~

2DaysPolish ~ mirror finish ~

Ring completed by casting has a rough surface and no gloss.
Craftsmen apply mirror finish to the final finish.
Beautiful enough to reflect the human face, finish carefully one by one,
Only one accessory is completed in the world.

Polish ~ mirror finish ~

About 20 days from ordering to delivery

Since the accessory will be completed from 1 to 2 days after packing and shipment completion,
Delivery schedule in total will be about 20 business days.
Depending on the production situation of the studio, delivery schedule may change.
Customers who wish to use it on an anniversary or special event,
We recommend orders with a margin in advance.

Shipping anywhere in the country is free

Even if you purchase from all over Japan or overseas, the shipping fee is free.
In case of domestic shipment Yamato Transport, overseas shipping in international speed mail
We will ship accessories.
(When ordering from overseas, customs duties may occur separately.
With regard to customs duties we will bear customer burden. Please acknowledge it. )