A ring made from your voice

Encode ring

We all have feelings that we'd like to communicate, even though we can't normally talk about them.
They sound like a platitude when put it into writing and can't be told in your own words.
What kinds of words would you invest in a three-second message to a special person?

Examples of messages

  • I love you

    Nothing feels as awkward as putting your true feelings into words. Even when the words might be the same in writing, the shape of your spoken words can never be the same.
    Why not try communicating your honest feelings, which are normally so hard to communicate, in the form of an Encode Ring?

  • Thank you as always

    For example, you could express your feelings of gratitude to the person who brought you up in the form of a ring.
    While you may feel a bit shy to state your feelings of gratitude formally, you could offer lifelong memories as a present that will make an exquisite surprise.

  • Together forever

    At important turning points in the life that you are spending with someone who is important to you, offer him or her a present that will last forever.
    The time that you spend thinking about the words that will form the rest of your time together, while you also look back over the time that you have spent together so far, is sure to be a special time for you too.