Save important feelings. You can listen whenever you want to listen.
ENCODE carefully keeps customer's feelings

About Heart Bank
A testimony of love, a testimony of love

The audio and video you entered when ordering ENCODE
You can play from the QR code enclosed with the package.

I casually feel the voice that I usually do not hear and consciously
Through the experience of listening to the thought, the existence of an important person
I think that it will become a catalyst for me to feel it again.

HEART BANK, the feelings sent from such customers
It is a place to keep it carefully so that you can listen when you want to listen.
Under strict security, we will give customers the most precious feelings
We will keep it carefully and manage it permanently as long as our company survives.

Customers from all over the world, proof of life, a testimony of love "feeling"
I will leave it in posterity in the form of voice.