Simple material

  • Platinum, pt950

    Platinum, pt950

    Of the elements present in nature, it is the greatest weight, it is very oxidizable and has a high density. It is hard to be scratched because it is durable, because it has strong corrosion resistance against acid and alkali, it is used in marriage rings etc. because it keeps shining even after many years.

  • 18K GOLD

    18K GOLD

    K18 is the most commonly used jewelry for soft and vulnerable pure gold (24 gold). The quality of gold is expressed in 24 fractions, with 18 gold being 75% gold and the remaining 25% being other metals. In order to obtain the required hardness without dropping the purity of gold as much as possible, 75% of gold is mixed with 25% of other metals.

  • Premium Silver

    Premium Silver

    It is a material commonly used in silver accessories. In Western countries it is also called Sterling Silver. The number 925 refers to the purity of silver, which means 92.5% of silver is included. For silver 100% (sterling silver) it is soft and easily scratched, so we adopt it.

  • 10K Pink Gold

    10K Pink Gold

    In many cases it is used for accessories, 42% is gold and the remaining 58% is made of silver and copper for pure gold (24 gold). It is a gentle pink color gold that suppressed the yellow taste peculiar to gold in the combination of cotton silver and copper.

  • Brass


    Brass is also called "brass". It is an alloy of copper and zinc, widely used for clothing accessories and accessories, and you can enjoy the depth of shade varying from day to day.

  • Plate


    This material is not available.