That feeling is more beautiful than a diamond.

UFO and ghosts. Even those who do not believe what they can not see
I feel the feeling certainly. That's why the power of emotion is strong, it has more power than what is visible.
Beauty at first glance. This is of course important. But what's more important is the reasons for choosing it more deeply
It is a story in which the feelings put in and the thought were brought up. We human beings are super powers of mind,
You can feel the secret feeling behind it.
And I think that heart is the most important thing for human beings.

The thought of twenty men,
In a voice of twenty men in a form

Make the feelings that person alone possess in a voice that is unique only to that person.
As with fingerprints, there are no two voices in the world as well.
The feelings nurtured as a special story that only that person has,
If you can form with the voice that only people have,
That's the real one.

This design has a secret

Misble wavy design with irritation. It is contained in it,
"Secret word" that understands only who gave and who received it
Even if anyone sees beautiful items, it makes me feel special just by wearing it,
It is also wise to acquire a "secret" that only two people know,
Do not you think there is a taste?

Spotlight on that feeling
- Reason not to stone -

A diamond that attracts people with a beautiful appearance. A stone with a rare win that produces a very small amount from nature.
Encode does not have a diamond. Instead, you can not pick any mountain you dug
It is designed with the thought of an important person. The feelings encountered and nurtured within the limited time.
Its beauty is in my heart, in the back of my chest, dozens of times, hundreds of times, no more ...
As time goes by, as you add more thoughts, it will increase its radiance.